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Captive - full read-write access to NTFS partitions from linux!

Write access offered by the native linux kernel driver is far from stable and safe, as stated by the developpers. As a solution to this lack of functionality this distribution offers full read-write access to NTFS partitions using the virtual driver captive. With captive, the native Windows XP drivers are used to access the filesystem. As a consequence you have to supply those.
If you're desperate you can download the files directly from this location.
But you'd have to deal with a very heavy download of approx. 144MB (complete Windows XP service pack).
But as a matter of fact you can copy the files C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntoskrnl.exe und C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ntfs.sys from your Windows XP installation into the directory /var/lib/captive.
The task of copying the drivers can be accomplished after mounting with the standard NTFS driver the linux kernel offers.
In case of getting the files from another machine, the two files will fit on a single floppy disk (zip compressed). Just copy the zip archive with the command mcopy a:* /var/lib/captive/ to the captive directory and decompress it with unzip.
The filesystem type for mounting partitions with captive has to be given as captive-ntfs.
In /usr/sbin/usecaptive you will find a VERY simple script, that automates the procedure.

Certainly Inside Security will take no responsibility and can not be made liable for the correct and error-free function of the supplied software.
Learn more about captive on its homepage and:
Make a backup copy before using write access if possible!