Last modified 09-17-04: Charles Appel

Modules are an enhancement to UBCD Insert to allow us to provide you with additional software not part of the base distribution. All that you need to do is download a module from Sourceforge, add it to your /INSERT directory, burn and you're ready to go.  Note that the testcd cheatcode in Insert will only work if you generate MD5 checksums for the files.  To this end, it is recommended you checkout ubcdmod - a script for Windows and Linux systems that will ease the customization procedure.

The Modules

Check SourceForge for available modules.

How to install the modules

There are two ways to install modules you download: CDROM and USB drive. CDROM is the preferred method since the USB method may not always work. Enhancements to the USB method will be improved in future versions.

CDROM Method

Extract the contents of the UBCD Full ISO and place the module in the directory INSERT. Note that you must be using UBCD Full, not the Basic version. 

USB Method

The only way to use modules from a USB device is to specify scanusb at the boot: prompt. This has two disadvantages: A) The scanusb option may not always work since it's experimental and B) it may cause Insert to mount hard drive partitions in it's attempt to locate modules on USB. If you do use this method, simply place your modules in a directory named /INSERT off the root of your USB device.