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Last modified 09-23-04: Charles Appel

UBCD Insert is INSERT Version 1.2.14 modified for Ultimate Boot CD.


UBCD Insert is intended for the advanced user that is already familiar with Linux and preferably Knoppix. It is beyond the scope of these documents (or this author's ability) to introduce a user to many of the features Knoppix related distributions provide. If you would like to learn more or get started with Linux, the best place to start would be to download Knoppix.

For those not familiar with flux, right click on the Fluxbox desktop for the menu.


UBCD Insert comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Some of the utilities provided may cause serious damage or even data loss; with or without bugs.

Before You Burn...

You may want to take the time to review these documents, particularly Customization and Persistence, Modules and Cheatcodes before burning your ISO. You may end up wanting to add to your CD for more functionality.

Original INSERT 1.2.14 Start Page

Change Log from INSERT Version 1.2.14
Customization and Persistence
Thanks and Credits
Troubleshooting and how to report problems
List of things to do

Change Log from INSERT Version 1.2.14

Software Added
Changes from INSERT 1.2.14
Fixes for INSERT 1.2.14
Important Notes

Thanks and Credit

Victor Chew for creating Ultimate Boot CD.
Matthias Mikuletz for his work on INSERT and his willingness to discuss problems.
Klaus Knopper for creating Knoppix.
Linus Torvalds for creating Linux.
All the developers that created software found on UBCD Insert!

Troubleshooting and how to report problems

Since UBCD Insert is based on the work of many people, you may need to visit several places to get your problem resolved.  First, check out the Change Log to see if your issue relates to anything we may have added to INSERT; if so, please check and post to the Ultimate Boot CD forums on SourceForge.  If not, visit the INSERT home page and check for issues there.  Lastly, since INSERT is based on Knoppix, visit the Knoppix Forums.

If your problem relates to a specific piece of software included in INSERT, check that author's web page for specific troubleshooting procedures.

One of the most common problems with Knoppix related distributions is a failure to boot or a hang on initialization.  Most of these problems can be resolved with "cheatcodes" entered in at the INSERT boot prompt.  For example, to disable power management, you would type in insert noapm at the INSERT boot prompt.  See here for more information on troubleshooting with cheatcodes.

If you would like to request software be added to UBCD Insert, please post to the Ultimate Boot CD developer forum.  Please note the following:

At this time, I'm not adding software that requires Gtk2 libraries since it will add significantly to the size of the UBCD iso.

List of things to do